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    This Page came about as an afterthought to a holiday with my friend Margaret.  Margaret asked for help with changing her image.

    Sadly, she had been depressed for years. Both she and her husband had taken early retirement from their own business five years previously and this meant that they were both at home trying to find a purpose. Having helped her husband build up a successful business and brought up two sons my friend had all sorts of plans on how to create her retirement. These plans had included travel, taking courses for personal growth, Charity work and just having time to enjoy life.

    Alas, this was not to be, she learnt that she was becoming more and more a prisoner in her own home because her husband controlled every move she made from checking the groceries when she got home, to checking the telephone calls she made . At the bottom of this fear lay a certain amount of guilt.  Why guilt?  Well, that is the subject of another post.  Apart from that too much of his time had been spent building up the business and accumulating money, he’d forgotten how to enjoy the money and became a Scrooge and was fearful that his wife would now go wild and spend the money which she had helped to earn.

    This story made me think that there may be other women who would like help with their everyday issues and so I am hoping to help as many women as possible to enjoy their lives, to keep informed and never to be a prisoner in their marriage or partnershi, but to be free, creative, positive and above all happy which you so richly deserve!

    Perhaps Margaret’s situation resonates with you, if so, please believe that you are not alone and you can change your situation.  A controlling partner is always at a disadvantage because once the victim has realised that the need to control is nothing more than deep seated insecurity, it is possible to change this situation.  I shall continue with this story as it will highlight how Margaret overcame her predicament to a large extent and has now learnt to live with this in a more agreeable fashion.  Divorce was not an option.

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