• How To Update Your Appearance

    In my welcome post I wrote about Margaret and her struggle to live a more fulfilled life with just a little more freedom from a controlling husband.
    Sadly this control meant that she became very depressed. Her appearance was that of a woman, many years older than her real age. She had allowed her hair to go grey and grew it long, often lose or in a plat. She mentioned to me, her desire to change her appearance and to return to dressing well and fashionably. Sadly, her wardrobe consisted of grey and black clothes.
    On this holiday, we discussed how best to implement this change and decided to start with a new hairstyle and hair colour. This change alone resulted in a ripple effect. Suddenly Margaret re-gained her interest in looking good and dressing well. The change in her appearance was astounding. A younger woman was re-born and with it more self-confidence and self-esteem.
    On her way home, she stopped off at a Boutique and invested in a pink trouser suit and must have looked the part. She told me that people did not recognise her when she got home.
    Not only did this change give her confidence a boost, but she also made the decision that she would no longer put up with so much control. When her husband later reprimanded her for going on holiday without him, she stood in front of him and said: “If you but had a shred of love left for me, you would have been happy that I could go away with a friend like other women do”.
    Husband must have felt a different wind blowing in that household. Margaret has fought her battle for a little more freedom and the two of them have come to a near harmonious co-existence.
    Each of course has baggage from childhood but Margaret is eager to follow courses in self-growth and this too will help their case.
    It is important for women to retain a degree of independence and follow their own dreams after retirement but more importantly long before then in order to become the people they want to be. Too many women have given up their work and social life for husband and children and feel at a loss when the children leave home.
    Fortunately we live in an age when anything is possible so I urge you to look out and follow your own interests as much as possible without of course jeopardising a happy family life but to embrace both.
    Warm wishes.

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