About Adele Bantle

Adele Bantle has worked in various posts both in a Childcare capacity looking after children and teenagers as well as in Companies as European Executive Assistant.

After a holiday with a friend during which she helped this friend change her image and her life, she trained as an International Style Coach in order to help women not only to achieve the life they deserve, free from the restrictions that come with negative limiting thoughts but also to learn about appearance through co-ordinating their wardrobe as well as hairstyle and make up to suit them.

Later she trained as a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach during which she gained insights into the possibilities that lie within each of us.  This led to a passionate desire to write and inform women how they can achieve anything they have previously believed was impossible.

Through Blogs, Articles and Other Media, Adele is aiming to help Women gain confidence and step out believing in themselves.

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